Start With What You Have By Sam ADEYEMI

Chapter 1

What do you do when you face a crises in your life?

2 Kings 4:1a

The widow in this passage ran to the prophet.
In your case what do you do?
In the time of deep crises what you need is a prophetic word. Please note that prophet or prophetic has nothing to do with titles.
Prophetic word is an inspired word from God.
There are many example of the word of God resolving crisis in the Bible. A very obvious one. In the beginning the world was chaotic and God spoke …
Gods word is superior to any crisis.
When Gods word comes the places you failed are the same places you will experience astounding success. (Think of Peter and his net breaking catch of fish)
What NOT to do do in times of crises;
Don’t go to the wrong people. People that will form pity parties. People that leave you confused and disillusioned. Don’t say things are never going to workout.
What to DO in times of crises;
Pray until your heart feel free look out for the impression God will lay on your heart and act on it.
Look out for inspired ideas through books, sermons etc
Get close to those who carry Gods word
Light will surely dawn in your heart.

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