My Journey of Self Discipline

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Why is self discipline so important?


Read my previous post here before you dive in to this.

Discipline causes us to live in the right way.

Success in life requires discipline. Without it, your level of talent, wealth and access to opportunities will not do you any good.

There is so much I carry inside of me that requires skill and hard work to express. If I don’t apply discipline to my life, I would not how far I can go with the potential I have.

Take a look at the seed, once its planted in good soil its capacity is unfathomable. But if it is left alone and ordinary weevil can destroy it. The seed is just a metaphor of what a human that allows herself to be planted can do or become with all the potential within. We need to die to become, that death is not physical, it is a process of shedding off resistance. That process requires discipline. We die to comfort so that we can gain something that is beyond the level of comfort that we are experiencing at the moment.

Life should be an adventure of testing how much and how high we can go. The almighty God created us in his own image (can we phantom the extent of that?). Being in the image of God means that we are designed to accomplish majestic things, things that eyes have not yet seen. Our minds are capable of conceiving so much more than we are doing right now.

Why is discipline so painful?

No Discipline is pleasant...

It’s because our bodies love pleasure at all times. I don’t know if this came with the fall of man. We don’t want to suffer or be uncomfortable. We rate pleasure too highly. We hate boredom, we don’t like repetitive work, we don’t like to think for too long. We need to be satiated quickly. If we can learn to suffer we will be able to achieve a lot.  

Let’s explore pleasure. What does pleasure mean to us and why do we rate it so highly?

Whoever loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and perfume [oil] will never be rich

Oxford languages defines pleasure as a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. Pleasure refers to experiences that feel good, that involve enjoyment of something.

Timothy Jorgensen in The Book Spirit life Training talks about pleasure and our bodies this way; “our bodies love pleasure and the desires of our bodies are important for survival but they must be fulfilled with accuracy”.

Let’s look at the pleasures of food, sleep and rest, as humans we need to eat food to live and have energy to work but when we overconsume food we could end up destroying ourselves, we need restorative sleep but oversleeping can lead to unproductivity, rest and entertainment are good but too much of it leads to laziness. Pleasure is highly rated maybe because it is important for the survival of our species but I think there is a lot to gain beyond the fulfilment pleasure.

How do we move from a place of holding on to pleasure to embracing discipline? Watch Out for the next post.

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