Random Thoughts

Delayed gratification is the word.
It means doing what you have to do before doing what you want to do.
It means doing the hard stuff first before doing the easy ones.
I get excited when I do the things I have to do first. Its exciting and refreshing but its easier to do the fun things first like watch TV before praying. Snooze a little bit more before working out or playing one more round of solitaire before writing or responding to that tweet before reading.
I wish I chose to do the hard things first more often, my life will be a whole lot different.
How do I apply delayed gratification now? I’m sure I can make a list of ten ways I can apply it but I wont, the only advise I will give my self is don’t think about it just do it.
“Tick tick says the clock what you have to do do quick.”
Yes that is all. Follow the promptings of your heart, that’s what I did today, I could have waited till evening but I just decided to write. So pick up those clothes, check in on that child, apologize, go to plan B, cry, get up, wake up, just do it. All is well.
New train of thought, how can I incorporate discipline in my kids, if I let them go wild and and free it would be hard for them to form habits of discipline when they grow up and that’s not what I want for them so I have been thinking if I want to have disciplined children, I have to be a disciplined parent. Discipline is not a destination its a journey. Ideas I have been playing with is to involve them in planning their day. Help them make a to do list and choose their reward when they succeed. Make hard things fun. Make them accountability partners. Make a compulsory bedtime. Make time for outdoor play. it looks like its going to be fun, well it is on paper but the actual doing is the hard part.
Hmmm school is about to resume lets see how it goes.

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