Project 7kg

My fitness coach has given me a mandate to lose 7kg in 30 days. I will be starting off on Monday, I expected it to be very easy considering my recent weight loss win but it seems like a big challenge.
My desire to eat has increased in the past three days especially night meals.
Things that will help me are;
• Having a written plan of the foods I am going to eat for the week.
• Buying the foodstuff I need.
• Keeping healthy foods available and packing healthy foods in case I am away from home.
• Being accountable and truthful.
Obstacle include;
• Peanuts (I overeat peanuts) it’s a no no around me.
• Being hungry and not having healthy foods available and also keeping myself hungry for too long.
• Lack of sleep (I overeat when I am sleep deprived and I go for sugary stuff).
• Sleeping late -now this one brings on the midnight cravings.
How I plan to overcome the obstacles;
• I am not going to buy peanuts with my money for the duration of this project
• I will maintain a consistent food routine
• I will try to get enough sleep or power naps when I need too
• When I am awake for extended periods I will keep a cup of tea handy. Tea keeps cravings abay.
I will be posting weekly updates when this project starts.

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