Think Small Thoughts

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Mind Scuplting

Mind sculpting is a technique that uses thoughts to help develop new social, mental and even physical skills just by imagining yourself performing them.

We are often taught that the best way to start something new is to go all-in with full force. This method doesn’t always work for everybody. Imagine a shy person who tries to attend a party solo, blowing kisses at people, engaging in conversation with new people and pretending to feel confident. The experience will be so excruciating that the person won’t want to try again.

Mind sculpting is a method that can train you to perform difficult tasks you feel unsuited for in a painless way.

Mind sculpting takes advantage of cutting edge neuroscience which suggests that the brain learns best not in large dramatic doses but small increments.

In approaching mind sculpting we need to understand that;

Our brains can be shaped
  • Thoughts are things.
  • Our thoughts, conversations, and experiences have an effect on our brain. They actually change our brains physically.
  • Our brains can be shaped.
  • Mental exercises can improve our physical performance.
  • We have the capacity to mold our brains.

Mind sculpting uses our imagination, this technique requires that you pretend that you are actually engaged in the activity not just seeing yourself, but also hearing, feeling, tasting and touching. In mind sculpting people imagine the movement of their muscles and the rise and fall of their emotions.

Many professional athletes have used mind sculpting to improve their skills. One athlete, in particular, used it for training during a time of injury. Steve Backley a British Olympic javelin thrower used mind sculpting to practice from his coach while he was injured. When he recovered and could get back to practice, he had not lost his expertise or strength.

In mind sculpting, you can approach a task with purely mental rehearsal. With constant mental practice, you can train your brain in small increments to develop the new set of skills to actually engage in the task you want to perform.

We can use mind sculpting to;

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Get past resistance to fitness routine
  • Feel more comfortable talking to strangers.

This chapter has been very difficult for me because it is technical, there is so much explanation of how the brain works, how thoughts are formed, and how neurons and synapses fire.

I hope I have been able to pass on the most practical part of the information to you.

PS. I believe that we practice mind sculpting almost every day, for example when we don’t want to do something and we imagine and feel all the things that could go wrong. We develop fear when we condition our minds to expect the worst. Come to think of it how many of us have ever encountered “ojuju calabar” in real life but we fear it and in a dark space some people actually feel its presence. We have shaped our brains to believe that a monster comes out whenever it is dark.

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