Mind Power: How a 30 day physical challenge can affect your mind.

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My mind has been permanently altered

I challenged myself to walk 1hr daily for 30 days and this is what happened;

I did this challenge to prove to myself that I could be consistent. I found out that I don’t usually finish many things I start and I really wanted to get my mind to do something and see it to the end. So I chose an activity that was relatively difficult but I had the ability to complete even if I were fatigued.

 Here are a few things I learned about my mind.

  • I can’t form a habit in 21 days. The exception is if the habit is eating ice-cream. i find my commitment gets tested around week 2. On day 2, I found I still had to push myself to get the work done.
  • On day 25 when I had only five days to go there was still a possibility of giving up, I still had to push myself till the last day. I always had this feeling that after a while it gets easier but I discovered that it actually takes a long while before it actually gets easier especially when you’re going uphill.
  • The major effort is in the mind, when you tell yourselves its going to happen and you get into action you will do it. The mind goes ahead and drags the body to get into the program. Sometimes the body whines and complains along the way. You don’t have to listen, for me the first 20 minutes of my walks were always hard especially days when I was tired but after that it was a breeze.
  • The most important factor in being able to complete this challenge were the people watching. I had a group of people liking and commenting and I felt I should not disappoint them.  I have always wanted to be a lone ranger, if I had the choice of working alone vs working with people I will chose alone but this challenge showed me that I need people outside of my family members.
  • My mind has been altered and I have lost many of my excuses. The only way forward for me now is to stretch, grow and be better. There is always room for growth.
  • Working on something helps you refine your intentions https://www.instagram.com/p/CAXjc_HAELf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. I started out wanting to walk 1 hour daily for thirty days but I soon added strength training, indoor walks, and other movements. I wasn’t afraid of refining my plans because the ultimate purpose was to stop being sedentary.
  • One thing I also found out is that I could not improve on my speed during these 30 days. I just needed to focus on showing up first. You build the foundation with consistency then improve on it after its built. Like in the article I wrote about Kaizen, most times we need to change gradually and sustainably.

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12 Responses

  1. Interesting….I can relate. There’s only one challenges I have worked hard at completing and that’s the MFM 70days fast….even the prayers I do and after the 2nd week I begin to slack. This might just be a disorder 🤔🤔🤔

  2. The mind is a battlefield. Once you win that battle the rest is a breeze. Like you rightly pointed out gradual change is more sustainable.

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