You Can Choose Joy Too

cultivate joy

My Decision

The Joy of the Lord

Today I was cleaning up and I noticed that deep inside of me I wasn’t happy, some situations were making me ponder and quarrel on the inside. On the surface, my face looked serious and focused but inside of me was like a furnace.

With the knowledge I have about how the mind works, I know what goes on inside our minds has a great impact on our life.  So if I am constantly in a state of unhappiness and frustration, I will produce unhappy and frustrating fruit and I will also miss out on a lot of good in this life.

So I got inspired and I wrote this statement down. “No matter what happens I will cultivate joy in my heart”

There will always be stressors, and things are not guaranteed to always go our way in the world that we live in. Our response is the only way we can handle the challenges and still enjoy our lives within that tension. So for me I have decided to choose joy.

My Reasons

These are the reasons for my choice;

Joy for me means I trust God for a favorable outcome. if you have been on earth long enough you will know that things can always turn around no matter what it looks like at the moment so I choose to trust God that all is working out for my good.

Joy will help me make the most of my day. When I have joy I will approach my work with enthusiasm and I will make the best of it, time will move faster, my commitment will be higher and I will get an internal reward for my work.

Joy will heal me physically and remove negativity from me. Also I won’t take offence easily. Have you ever tried to offend a joyful person? It takes a lot of effort.

Joy is contagious. I can easily share my joy and enthusiasm with people I work or associate with.

Joy brings inspiration, it will make me to look at things differently, my perspective changes and I will be more solution oriented.

One guaranteed way to cultivate joy is Gratitude. Find something to be thankful for every day.

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