Day 6 vegan kickstart

Day 6 went very badly. I didn’t eat meat but I ate copious amounts of chinchin, biscuits and peanuts.
The goal for going vegan was to understand how my body feels not eating meat and other concentrated foods like vegetable oils. Nuts are not bad but i have a weakness for nuts and i easily go nuts.
I wish I could undo all my bad eating but I cant. In life we don’t have rewind buttons we can only go forward. So all I can do is plan ahead.
My plan for the week.
1. Keep away food that will derail me this refers to all processed foods. I claim I keep those foods in the house because of my children but my children don’t need it. I promise you they don’t. If its not good for me it’s not good for them.
2. My snacks are carrots and apples*
3. Main foods Yam, Ofada rice, Basmati rice and beans.
4. Breakfast Smoothie will contain Kale, cucumbers, banana, pineapple and ginger.
5. my other vegetables. green pepper, red pepper, cabbage,red cabbage, onions, garlic.
* I don’t really fancy apples

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