My Journey of Self Discipline

Why is self discipline so important? Discipline Read my previous post here before you dive in to this. Discipline causes us to live in the right way. Success in life requires discipline. Without it, your level of talent, wealth and access to opportunities will not do you any good. There is so much I carry […]

Focus on Discipline in 2021

What will be your goal for 2021 I am grateful to God for allowing us see the end days of 2020. Every one of us has been affected one way or the other by the events of this year but in all of these we are more than conquerors. We are still standing. As we […]

Mind Power: How a 30 day physical challenge can affect your mind.

My mind has been permanently altered I challenged myself to walk 1hr daily for 30 days and this is what happened; I did this challenge to prove to myself that I could be consistent. I found out that I don’t usually finish many things I start and I really wanted to get my mind to […]

writing again

its been a while, i promised myself o be back today and i am back. something i learned today “Be open minded about learning and be humble about wanting to learn”

Lessons Learned

My vegan kickstart ended in week 3. lessons learned 1. I love plant based eating. 2. It is not very easy, it requires great commitment especially when you still have to prepare meals with meat for other members of the family. 3. I will still try it again. 4. Refrigeration is needed to store fruits […]

Rounding off week 2

Yesterday was good. i was out of the house for 8 hours, breakfast: Overnight oats Lunch: rice Dinner; popcorn, mango, peanuts and 100 ml yogurt. Electricity is such a big issue with keeping fruits and veggies fresh. How to survive without light.

Day 6

I have 2 days to complete week 2 of my vegan kickstart and I am beginning to question myself. why not go back to eating meat? The truth is i have no desire for meat, I don’t have cravings for it at all. The reason i am questioning my sef is because I did a […]

Day 5

I think I have missed a day or 2 in my journaling. Today discovered something i am fond of doing-Trying to get maximum results without putting in maximum effort. Especially for things that relate to me. This attitude is not okay, I don’t know where I got it from but I am in the process […]

Day 3

Day 3 was so so; Early morning gym and serious house chores Very late breakfast 1pm Bread and Peanut butter Lunch Carrots Dinner very small semo and ewedu. Right now i am drinking garri and sugar.