I have been reading the old testament of the bible the book of Numbers precisely and these are the words that stood out to me, no scripture references just words. Here we go; His was supposed to be written on Aaron’s turban. “Holy To The Lord” Your presence amongst us sets your people apart and […]

Self Discipline II

Self-discipline is an ongoing struggle for me, its not as if  I live an unruly life or I am constantly controlled by my emotions. I just find myself not giving my best in the things that truly matter to me, I find myself not keeping commitments to myself,  I find myself realizing that I can […]

Self Discipline I

I discovered that the thing I struggle with the most as a wife, mother, singer and aspiring author is self discipline. When I took stock of my life and  asked myself why I had unfinished projects, unaccomplished goals, ideas that I had not worked on, the answer I got was, lack of discipline. All the […]