Solve Small Problems

warning sign

Don’t Ignore Subtle Warning Signs We are so accustomed to living with minor annoyances that it’s not always easy to identify and correct them. Fixing a small problem on the spot prevents much bigger problems later. When you spot warning signs of trouble and categorize them as “normal” it leads to more problems later. Focusing […]

Take Small Steps: How to avoid repeating that New Year Resolution every year.

New Year Resolutions

The heart of kaizen is small actions. After asking small questions and thinking small thoughts the time comes to take action. Small actions help us overcome resistance to change. The actions should be so small that they seem odd and bizarre. Most people think that small actions lead to slow results but kaizen steps may […]

Think Small Thoughts

Mind Scuplting Mind sculpting is a technique that uses thoughts to help develop new social, mental and even physical skills just by imagining yourself performing them. We are often taught that the best way to start something new is to go all-in with full force. This method doesn’t always work for everybody. Imagine a shy […]

Ask Small Questions

Small questions create a mental environment that welcomes unabashed creativity and playfulness. One of the best ways to get your brain working creatively is to use the kaizen technique of asking small questions.  “What shapes our lives are the questions we ask or refuse to ask or never think to ask” Sam Keen. The author […]

Why Kaizen Works

The theory of why kaizen works. Change is frightening. The fear of change is rooted in our brain physiology. When the fear of change takes hold it can prevent creativity, change and success. The brain is generally divided into 3 parts; Brain Stem: This part wakes you up in the morning, makes you sleep at […]

7 reasons why it is important to do hard things and challenge our mind?

I have come across various stories about people taking up challenges like climbing mountains, Running hundreds of miles, Walking through the Sahara, Doing intense physical challenges and generally doing hard things. It always amazes me how people take up such arduous tasks with no external rewards involved. I have come to realise that when people […]

How I Started Developing Willpower

What is willpower? It is the ability to control yourself. Some research says willpower is like a muscle, you can develop it and you can also fatigue it. The more it is used the stronger it becomes. From just looking at the word itself, I feel like willpower can be diminished and it can be […]

My Journey of Self Discipline

Why is self discipline so important? Discipline Read my previous post here before you dive in to this. Discipline causes us to live in the right way. Success in life requires discipline. Without it, your level of talent, wealth and access to opportunities will not do you any good. There is so much I carry […]