A letter to my 9 year old self.

Dear Little One,

You are brilliant, that’s why you’ve been given the opportunity to study far from home. Don’t be afraid, you’ll be fine, you dad and mum will be fine, your siblings will be okay. You’ll miss them but it’s just for a while you’ll see them again. The journey is a long one, just sleep through it. Look at how beautiful the landscape is, see how the vegetation changes as you move from north to south west. This is a great opportunity to know your country.

Learn to take care of your stuff, you are responsible now. Wash your whites every day. Keep your locker orderly. Don’t misplace your buckets, plates, and cutlery.

I know you don’t have much but I believe you have everything you need.

This is a new experience, you are a bit disadvantaged but you can learn. Make friends with people that are better than you and learn from them. Don’t let fear control you. Be courageous, tell the truth. You’ll meet some bullies. Don’t let them belittle you when you can’t stand up to them report them. Have your own ideas, don’t just follow people. Get to know the people that are your true friends.

Pray always, use your gifts for the glory of God. You have God given talents.
Enjoy learning, focus on what you know. You are beautiful, never think you are not. You will grow, you will blossom like a butterfly. God will take care of you. Some people are going to hurt you. Don’t hold on to hurts, let it go.

Dear child, your dad, and mum are praying for you, I know it’s hard to leave home at such a young age but it’s to your advantage. It is part of the building blocks for your future. God has great plans for you. He will help you achieve them.
Remember where you come from. You folks are depending on you. You’ll not have visitors on visiting days sometimes but when someone comes appreciate what they give you, it’s a great favor. Learn to say thank you.

Daddy is going to be fine, God will provide for him.
Those long journeys are going to be adventurous. Angels are watching over you child. You will never be stranded, it will seem so sometimes but God will make a way out.

You’ll grow to love your school, you’ll have a lot of friends crazy ones, nice ones, and funny ones. You’ll have lots of stories to share. You’ll enjoy rare experiences. It’s all for a purpose. Enjoy yourself girl, everything is going to be alright.

Yours sincerely,



P.S. Looking back I guess it turned out alright. God was there all the way. Just as he was with you then, he will be with you now. Learn from those around you. Don’t let situations overwhelm you. Learn, life is an adventure, look at how the seasons change. Don’t let your experiences be wasted. Everything happens to make you better. Don’t be afraid, don’t let fear control you, don’t look down on yourself, you are much more than you know. God is counting on you.

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