Project 7kg

My fitness coach has given me a mandate to lose 7kg in 30 days. I will be starting off on Monday, I expected it to be very easy considering my recent weight loss win but it seems like a big challenge. My desire to eat has increased in the past three days especially night meals. […]


The root word for dejected is “thrown down” I felt dejected today I almost cried in public. Why is it so hard to get something done in government offices? The people work as if they are doing you a favor when they are actually paid to do what they do. They treat the people they […]

Random Thoughts

Delayed gratification is the word. It means doing what you have to do before doing what you want to do. It means doing the hard stuff first before doing the easy ones. I get excited when I do the things I have to do first. Its exciting and refreshing but its easier to do the […]